VELOSUB & SUBALO are funny, fast, and easy to ride, for water sports. No need for lessons. You can move around twice faster than if you were swimming or finning, with equivalent effort.

You can safely perform "aquatic strolls", VELOSUB & SUBALO provide avout 20 kg of floatability.

Their practice results in a natural "aqua-gym". It provides you fitness and relaxing effect of the water on your body. It brings you wellbeing, and a pleasant approach of the aquatic world: sea, lake, river.


VELOSUB is riden laid frontside. It is faster and more snorkelling oriented. Put your feet on the pedals, catch the handles on the forward float, and go! As soon as you start to pedal you immediately take speed. A mere move of your hand on one side or inclination of the body easily stear.

Aquatic pedal and propeller vehicles
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SUBALO is riden sat down, allowing comfort and efficient pedalling. SUBALO's floatability allows you to get your chest clearly out of the water.