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Introductory price : 582 €
Propulsion system with duck legs for paddle board

MAC DUCK is an innovative paddle board propulsion system based on the "duck leg" principle, 
adaptable on all paddle boards, preferably inflatable.

It is new and unique in the world.B y bringing pleasure and ease, it renews the practice of 
stand up paddle.
MAC DUCK brings you:
    - Fun !
    - Speed: The smooth and efficient back and forth movement of the paddles, 
    the ergonomics, the easiness favour a good performance in speed.
    - Stability : The user stands up on the MAC DUCK floor, his weight is enough to fix the structure 
on the SUP. He holds on to the paddles.
    - Manoeuvrability : One half turn of both paddles allows for reverse, a half turn of one paddle 
only allows for rotation on the spot.
    - Gym training : When going forward the arm and shoulder push, when going backwards they 
pull. MAC DUCK muscles arms, shoulders, back, abdominal belt, abdominals and buttocks, like 
any elliptical machine well known in gyms.
    - Learning is immediate.
    - Ease of assembly : MAC DUCK is delivered folded. The assembly is done in one minute, there 
    are 4 operating buttons to be screwed on.
    - Easy installation on your paddle: it can be just placed, or strapped, or screwed on a mast 
base for example.