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EAZYDIVE is a low pressure full diving kit, allowing short dives down to 10 meters depth and 60 minutes.
Selling price: 
EAZYDIVE only: 499 €  
The whole set including 
compressor and hookah: 1040 € 




The low-pressure EAZYDIVE scuba diving system can be used in 3 ways : 
1. In scuba diving : The EAZYDIVE tank is inflated at 12 bars by the compressor.
It provides an autonomy of about 5 minutes. 
2. In hookah diving : The diver is permanently supplied by the compressor through a 20 meters long 
air hose. It extends the dive time up to 60 minutes. 
3. You can choose to have the hookah hose that flows either directly into the regulator or in the 
It is the only underwater diving system in the world to allow such possibilities.


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Prix de vente: 
EAZYDIVE seul: 519 € TTC  
Ensemble complet avec 
compresseur et narguilé: 1099 € TTC
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EAZYDIVE has been designed mainly for boaters, but it can also be used for small pleasure or introductory dives, at anchor or from the beach.


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