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PEDAYAK is a kayak with pedals and propeller, fast, manoeuvring,"hands-free".
By its design and characteristics, it completely renews the current practice of kayaking.
Concentrate of innovation, it is the culmination of 10 years of R&D. 
PEDAYAK is a real mini boat, an elaborate version of a 360 cm long "sit-on-top" self-draining 
rotomoulded polyethylene kayak. 
It has the same systems as a real boat on a restricted space, which are: 
- A high-performance propeller propulsion system 
- A steering system with rudder and rudder. Their combination (the rudder is located just behind 
the propeller) allows manoeuvrability and a surprising agility on this type of boat. 
- On option: a rig with a 3.6 m² sail. Being the only kayak in the world with keels, it is also a 
high-performance, seaworthy and stable sailing boat that can sail upwind.



Steering stick
Keels and propeller
Mast housing
Location for DUO et PRAO frames
Tubular handles and safety paddle

The PEDAYAK range includes 6 products which can be combined each others into 16 differents models:

  • PEDAYAK Electric
  • RIG (SAIL)

- PEDAYAK Electric: Hands-free" kayak with hybrid electric and/or muscular propulsion, manoeuvrable, stable, versatile, modular. It is a concentrate of technological innovation.

Its electric propulsion system includes a 15 Ah lithium battery, a controller and a removable and waterproof remote control. It has 7 hours of autonomy with pedalling, and 3 hours without.

- PEDAYAK DUO : 2 PEDAYAK become a catamaran with an intermediate frame simply fixed in special housings on each hull. The assembly takes five minutes. It offers you a comfortable space that can accommodate up to 4 extra people.

- PEDAYAK TRIO : Assembly in trimaran. It offers you a comfortable space which can accommodate up to 2 additional passengers. Equipped with its rigging, it is a remarkable little sailing boat very pleasant, easy and balanced, always flat, even in gusts of wind.

- PEDAYAK PRAO : Assembly in mini-catamaran, in the spirit of Polynesian pirogues that crossed the Pacific Océan, a stabilising float is added on one side and maintained with a trampoline structure the same than the PEDAYAK DUO, but with only one person pedaling. It offers you a comfortable space which can accommodate up to 2 additional people.

The PEDAYAK TRIO, DUO and PRAO offer space for sunbathing or swimming away from the beach, bringing children, or carrying diving equipment, picnick, bivouac, etc. They allow both beach-side leisure activities as well as sailing for raids and excursions further from the coast in complete safety. With their rigging, they become very pleasant sailing boats, seaworthy, safe, balanced, always flat, even in gusts of wind.

All the PEDAYAK (Electric, DUO, PRAO) are combinable with each other and can be equipped with sails.

Kayak with pedals and propeller, fast, maoeuvring, "hands free"
Price, starting from:
2082 €







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